Magic WebDesigns Ltd is no longer accepting new customers

Magic WebDesigns Ltd has been acquired by Magic Internet Services Limited and we've decided not to continue Magic WebDesigns Ltd and the services it offered.

Existing customers


We've teamed up with a great new supplier to take ownership of your web hosting service. We've sent you an email on August 24 2020 with steps you need to take to secure your hosting.


We've teamed up with Enom LLC to take ownership of your domain name. We've sent an email to you on August 24 2020 with the steps you need to take to secure your domain.

Other services

Unless otherwise stated via email, all other services will remain active until they expire. There won't be an option to renew the service.

If you did not fill in the consent form


It's no longer possible to transfer your web hosting data, any data stored on your web hosting account would now have been deleted permanently.


There might be an option to transfer your domain still, however, there may be a fee associated with this. You should email us immediately to view your options.